Eagles’ Nick Sirianni fires back at Jonathan Gannon’s critics

Nick Sirianni may have already set his alarm for Monday morning.

He can’t wait.

That’s when he gets to visit the WIP Morning Show and fire back at longtime host Angelo Cataldi and everyone who has been quick to criticize defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon this season.

“Man, what did they score? 7. Yeah, great,” Sirianni said after the Eagles’ 38-7 victory over the Giants in the divisional round. “Jonathan Gannon puts these guys in great positions. Of course we have great players. Sometimes I need to hear some things about Jonathan Gannon, and I don’t know if it’s you. Maybe more other people. I won’t name names – Angelo – right?

“But this man is an incredible coordinator. The fact that he doesn’t get respect from our radio station baffles me. It surprises me.

The Eagles’ defense on Saturday night was great.

After pitching a first half shutout, the Giants finally got on the scoreboard with a touchdown in the third quarter, but lost 6:01 off the clock in the process. With a comfortable lead at the time, Gannon was probably quite happy to trade time for seven points in the blowout.

While Gannon has received a ton of criticism during his two years here as defensive coordinator – from more than just Cataldi – it’s hard to argue about the results or how they were achieved on Saturday night.

The Eagles held the Giants to just 227 yards. They made quarterback Daniel Jones’ night hell. And they didn’t even let the Giants think they had a chance of winning that game.

During the regular season, the Eagles finished with the No. 2 defense in the league, with 301.5 yards per game.

Sirianni said he doesn’t really listen to the criticism of Gannon until it is brought to him by the Eagles PR staff when they prepare him for interviews.

“So every time I hear an answer about Jonathan Gannon, I laugh to myself,” Sirianni said. “Besides, coaches from other teams ask me, is Jonathan Gannon getting nonsense here? I’m like, somehow, yes. Like this man is incredible.

“He’s going to be head football coach in the National Football League because of what he’s doing. This guy is a rascal. He’s a rascal. I can’t wait to talk to Angelo on Monday.”

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