Powerhouse Hobbs is the new TNT champion thanks to QTV’s reveal

Wardlow became the new TNT Champion at AEW Revolution last weekend when he choked out Samoa Joe. That put him in line to defend the title tonight (March 8) at Dynamite against Powerhouse Hobbs. Hobbs earned this title by winning last week’s Face of the Revolution Ladder match.

Wardlow’s crown wheel and championship belt were stolen from his rental car last night, putting him in a bad mood. So he raised the bar by asking that the match with Hobbs be turned into a Falls Count Anywhere match that can be won by pin-fall, knockout or surrender. I think Wardlow thought his improvised ring gear was more suited to that unconventional setting, and he was probably right.

However, by changing the rules, the babyface opened the door for a heel to legally screw him with a gun strike, which is exactly what happened.

What extremely dangerous heel has Mr. Mayhem dealt the decisive blow? See for yourself:

Yes, it was QT Marshall, putting on his QTV shirt. AEW commentators reminded us that QT owed Hobbs a favor after failing to rid him of Ricky Starks several months ago.

Hobbs and QTV then finished Wardlow off for good with a devastating power bomb:

Hobbs just might be the new TNT champion and it looks like QT Marshall will be at his side going forward.

Being a TNT champion is an upgrade for Powerhouse, but is QT associated with an even bigger downgrade?

You know what to do in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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