The Jaguars comeback victory over Chargers symbolizes the arrival of Trevor Lawrence

After the field goal was scored, after the idea of ​​the third-greatest comeback in postseason history materialized, Trevor Lawrence spun in circles with his head bent forward, running to his Jaguars teammates like a kid who was finally allowed to join friends at recess.

This celebratory moment, this expression, this radiance, this mood, this smile, would have seemed remarkable if he hadn’t plastered his face almost all night. Sure, Lawrence seemed unsatisfied with each of the four interceptions he threw in the first half. He would pull his lips up into that odd, Peyton Manning-esque smile-frown we all do after polishing off a bag of Sour Patch Kids. After the third, he looked at the video board as if it might contain some kind of quarterbacking powerpoint that he could use for the second half.

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